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Discussion in 'Forex' started by NoProblem, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. About 3 or 4 months ago, I opened the Oanda Game account with 2 million dollars and trading only casually, my game account is now more than double.

    I only trade EUR/USD and I like to do market orders totalling of 50 million to +100 million lots - sometimes for a few pips, sometimes I get lucky and and get 20 or more pips - often times I succesfully cost average.

    Can anyone tell me if market orders (not Limit Orders) of 10 million lots fill as accurately / easily in reality as they do in the game - or would trades of that size "move the market" and/or be a stupid/dangerous thing?

    I have a possible opportunity to trade a real account with a real $2 million - but gotta know if the game really does fully simulate actual market conditions.

    I should point out that Oanda Game only lets you trade 10 million lots at a time - so when I say that I am trading 100 million lots, that means my position size - not my trade size - my actual trade size is usually 10 million lots per trade.

  2. Stupid/dangerous sounds right. :)
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    They just keep coming..
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    Be honest now, is three or four months long enough to rule out luck? Have you actually learned anything? Could you really put 2 million real dollars at risk with this as a record??

    Hmmmmpf, I didn't think so.
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    Stated another way, if I told you I went to Las Vegas and on a wild drunk, sex-crazed wonderful week ( :D ) I doubled two million to four million playing roulette (possible), and that I think I am going to make it a career, what would you think?
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    that you'd be my best friend for a few weeks while i have some wild drunk, sex-crazed wonderful weekends! :)
  7. I wouldn't waste to much time with demos unless you are trying to automate something. Start with someone who allows micro/mini lots and go from there. Like they say anyone can get lucky for a month or two but if you want to stay in it for the long run then learn how to manage your fund and get the best returns you can for the risk. BTW don't risk more than 2% a trade and you'll save yourself from a lot of headaches. But hey you might be that kind of trader, it's just something you have to find out.
  8. FWIW, I've been trading stocks for 10 years and am quite familiar with stock market "do's and don'ts". However, the only experience I have with forex is via Oanda's "game".

    For instance, if I were to trade 10M shares of stock like I do in the game with EUR/USD, I would only trade QQQQ and I wouldn't use market orders.

    Forget about my experience or ability if you can and concentrate on the original question - if you are able.
  9. Thanks Jack, sound advice and I appreciate your reply!