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  1. Here's my take on Mr. Yanhui's 970.43% gain in the $25,000 trading contest on FXCM.

    Now I may be completely wrong on how the contest was won, and I really hope I am, but we can use game theory to prove that his 970% gain was not really that impressive considering the stakes given by FXCM. I think I can do better.

    The Contest
    The rules state you must begin the month with $500USD in your account. In microlot forex, one lot is $1000, so the EURUSD is $0.10 per pip. FXCM allows 100:1 leverage.

    Let's say that I have $8000 to allocate to this strategy. I open 16 accounts, each with the required $500. You'll see why in a minute.

    The Strategy
    On the first day of the contest, in 8 of my accounts I go full long the Euro, maxing out my leverage by taking 50 microlots in each account. In the other 8 accounts I go full short Euro, selling 50 microlots in each. 50 lots x $0.10 per pip = $5.00 per pip. I will double or blow out the account after the Euro moves 100 pips.

    I wait until it makes that 100 pip move, then immediately reverse my position in half of my remaining accounts. I do this 3 more times, and I am left with one account, with a balance of $8000. Here's the breakdown:

    day 0
    16 accounts, $500 each

    end of 1st 100 pip move
    8 accounts, $1000 each

    end of 2nd 100 pip move
    4 accounts, $2000 each

    end of 3rd 100 pip move
    2 accounts, $4000 each

    end of 4th 100 pip move
    1 account, $8000

    The Payoff
    Because I started that final remaining account with $500, and I end the month with $8000, that's a 1500% increase. I understand we lose a little on each trade due to the spread, FXCM reports that a typical spread for the EURUSD is 2.3, so let's round that up to 3 pips. We would have lost 3 pips on each of 4 moves, so our actual ending balance will be about $6800. That's still a 1260% increase, far enough to win the contest.

    We lost just over a grand to the spread, but winning the contest nets us $25k. That takes the sting out of it. And next month, if you don't think that 1260% is going to win, just start with twice as much capital funding twice as many accounts and do just one more trade to double your return to ~2500%.

    The Rub
    Beware, the spread has gobbled up the prize money by the time you're funding 256 accounts with a total of $128,000 and 8 double-or-nothing trades. You will however be able to book a nice 19,000% return if you can get the Euro to move a combined 800 pips for you.

    I will be happy to answer any questions if you would like to put this strategy into practice. But I'm certainly not going to risk my own capital. :)
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    Only 1 account per trader is allowed
  3. Friends working together? A finance class? A good Catholic family?
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    FXCM is holding an automated forex trading contest which begins October 17. Contestants will use FXCM's Strategy Trader platform to automate their forex trades during a seven week trading period. Registration is now open so you can register a demo and start coding your strategy.

    The contest is a demo contest with prizes for 1st - $10,000; 2nd - $7,000; and 3rd place - $3,000.

    Important Dates:

    September 7: Contest registration opens. Begin coding and testing your automated strategy to prepare for the first day of the contest.

    October 15: A starting balance of $1,000 will be used for the official contest. Therefore, at the close of trading on October 15th contest demo accounts will be automatically reset to $1,000 and any open positions will be settled.

    October 17: Contest officially begins when trading opens Sunday October 17th. Participants should activate their automated strategies for trading. There is a leaderboard on the contest page which will update hourly with the current leaders.

    December 3: Contest trading period ends. Final equity levels will be recorded and prizes will be awarded to the top three contestants

    FAQ: All information including FAQ's can be found on the contest website:

    Let me know if you have any questions.