Game over...settled by the pope

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  2. Pope is hunkering down. This is directed at Islam.
  3. This is the problem with organized religion. His church is the one that has the most internal problems and scandals but, it is the only one that counts??

    My wife is catholic so I have a right to rip if I feel, and I feel. THE POPE IS ON CRACK!
  4. "it is the only one that counts??"

    He has to feel that way he's the boss. Someone has to step up as a religous based organization in a global way and get in the news. I just feel that we will be hearing more and more from the Vatican as a counter to the threat of Islam even at the expense of others.
  5. Does the catholic church recognize your marriage?
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    This should please Mel Gibson's Dad. I am not sure those anti Vatican II guys are correct but they make some interesting and at times logical arguments about the Vatican II and its effects.

    I have had trouble reconciling how this could be the true church and yet be so full of corrupted bishops. When I read that some of these conspiracy guys feel that the post Vatican II church became an abomination because the Church no long offered a legitimate mass (they claim critical prayers have became intentionally corrupted in translation) I began to wonder if they were coorect.

    Could it be Vatican II corrupted the Mass and since the Mass was corrupt the Priesthood became filled with a cancer.

    I think I am starting to really respect this Pope and I am going to attend the first Latin Mass I find.
  7. Perhaps the No. 2 religion should adopt Avis's strategy and copy its slogan of "We try harder."

    Of course, who would ever admit to being an adherent of anything other than the No. 1 religion? Perhaps God should grant consolation prizes to everybody else just for trying.

    On the other hand, how much simpler and less convoluted it is to dispense with organized religion altogether.
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    good point - but what if there is a God and one of the religions beliefs are correct or mostly correct?
  9. OK, let's imagine that is so. However, you'll never know, will you? At least not during your time here on Earth. And since you have no idea, how can you automatically assume that God is benevolent to begin with? How do you know He is not like a brutish kid who likes to tear apart insects, only He does so more imaginatively with His human equivalents to pass the time. After all, infinity is fairly lengthy -- He needs a pastime, otherwise He might go crazy. (Unless He's already there.) And just look at the evidence to support this claim. You have countless innocents dying needlessly all around the world for one reason or another while a fair amount of undeserving, corrupt assholes are prospering and living long, healthy lives.

    Of course, I'm making this up as I go along. But, then, so is everyone else.
  10. This is a prerequisite for a religion to be truly viral and powerful. But, it's so patently stupid, that...well, it just shows how humans will never be all that rational.

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