Game over for Gingrich

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Gingrich is just flailing out in the debates tonight, and he is getting crucified by wolf blitzer, I guess this is payback for him taking down Blitzer's pall John King :D..... this is the end of the Gingrich surge, Mitt will dominate from here on out.
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    This is the last debate for a month. Gingrich is just doing OK. Romney sounds like the leader on stage IMO.

    Newt needs another x-wife to attack him out of the audience so he can blame her and the media and get a standing ovation. :D
  3. Mittens has always been the guy. But Newt and Paul both go to the convention and they will both have their say. Mittens will end this on Super Tuesday.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    I am actually starting to wonder if this is Blitzer getting pay back for his buddy at CNN John King. Blitzer is slaughtering Newt :D

    Plus Newt is just spinning his wheels on his attacks on Romney, and getting booed after. :D

  5. Did you think CNN was NOT going to make an example out of Newt?
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    The only problem with that statement is that the liberals WANT Newt to be the one to face Obama. It would be in their interests for Newt to have a good debate performance.
  7. CNN is not msnbc. CNN prides itself on being in the center. They took that sh*t personal. I said to some other friends of mine, I do hope Newt does not plan to go back on CNN:D

    He made John King look really bad. Only offending Anderson Cooper would have been worse. So Newt is in a tough place. Fox is the GOP mouthpiece, and the GOP does not want Newt, because msnbc, the mouthpiece of TeamObama, does.

    Newt burned his media bridges.

    Again, it's Mittens, who will be crushed on the debate platform. To his credit, he will be facing one of the greatest orators in Presidential history, so good luck to him.
  8. pspr


    Blitzer is pretty liberal. Maybe you don't see it because you are liberal, too.

    As far as facing Odumbo in a debate, go back and see him questioned by Bill O'reilly. He doesn't do very well when he doesn't have a teleprompter.

    Any one of those on stage tonight will rip Obama a new one over his policies the last 3 years.
  9. 1. The teleprompter thing should be let go. This is birther level stuff. Every professional politician use a teleprompter.

    2. "Odumbo" is a graduate from Harvard Law. Nuff said.

    3. Did you listen carefully to the SOTU? If you did not, listen again.
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    1. LOL Obama can't talk without a teleprompter. It has nothing to do with birther stuff, don't be naive.

    2. Maybe he should release his grades and papers if he is so smart. You are aware of affirmative action aren't you?

    3. Oh, did Obama not use a teleprompter for the SOTU speech? I think he did. And, it was just parts of the 2010 and 2011 SOTU pasted together. That won't help him in a debate.

    But it won't matter anyway. The election will be a referendum on his 4 years of policy which has been a total failure. Assuming he is on the ballot

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