GAME OVER for FX dealers ?

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  1. my search thru the fx dealer maze has FINALLY found something new and different in the FX world. it is my contention that FX dealers will not be able to compete against this new system that provides 1-1.5 pip spreads across a spectrum of pairs. this is exciting and ........

    is the future---

    let me know what you think.


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  2. How much is know of them? Are they a serious house or some boiler room type shop? Sounds very interesting otherwise.
  3. the spreads are the same as interbank ( EBS). this is the first ECN in the forex market. i am convinced it is the future of this market.


  4. WinSum


  5. this has been done before ....

    I even had an account at an FX firm a few yrs ago
    that gave me the ability to
    tighten the spread in the spot market.... not sure what happened to the firm

    I now trade on globex futures when I trade FX

    and can tighten the spread to 1 tick if needed

    I do pay $4.80 RT with my broker ....
  6. ditt


    you can go to and do a search for coesfx,theres quite a few mentions of them.
  7. Marketsurfer;
    GFTForex offers the same deal, it's called ITX Execution and basically you can make your own market.
    How's trading FX going otherwise?
    November results are in for GFT.

  8. thanks swoop. is ITX based on the ECN model or does GFT's desk take the opposite side of the trade ?

    i am not trading untill the first of the year. thanks for the info !


  9. wow ! thanks for the information. there is an article in the latest SSF magazine on the firm that paints them in a good light.

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  10. does ITX act an an ECn or are you trading against the desk ?

    what was the winning percentage in the challenge ?

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