Gambler lost $50 million

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  1. unfortunately he will never get that under control....

    still trying to win back all his losses.. ...

    must be familar to many people who post on ET
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    no, its a disease unfortunately...... what id like to know is who is holding his marker?? the guy hasn't made $50million in his life time...
  3. its no more a disease that the smoker who continues to smoke even after he knows it is destroying his lungs.
    Who is the addict? With addictive tragedies striking every community in the nation - with many millions of Americans addicted to alcohol and drugs alone - legions of scientists are asking: What aspects of psychological makeup contribute to addiction? Are there common threads that weave through all addictions, from hard drugs to cigarettes, from gambling to overeating?
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    i wouldnt be surprised if was in the genes.

    i know a guy who was a gambling and drug addict.

    his farther was an alcoholic, and his grandmother on his fathers side was too.

    i know a few other addicts and most claim to have addicts (but often of different types) in their families.

    not exactly scientific proof - but a thought.
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    I hear ya...I see little old ladies ( 80 yrs old at least ) gambling their welfare checks/ SS checks at the poker table at the HARD ROCK CASINO here in florida..they buy like $20 at a time and i feel bad taking their money; but hey at 80yrs old they have the right to do whatever they want dont ya think....:D
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    I went out there Friday night. I'm not a fan of the slots but when I saw a row of machines named Seminole Pride, I correctly deduced that the tribe would rather give a reasonable payout on those particular games than have gamblers walk out muttering Seminole's suck!
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    Very powerful chemical determinants working along observable neuropathways are largely responsible for smoking addiction. I say "largely" because a minority of persons are able to quit.
  8. waiting for the z10 response, he'white, redneck, and a pro athlete, which means he deserves everything he gets. Or something to that effect.
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