Gambler. Always the best.

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  1. New Journal for one of my new strategies I developed this week.

    Welcome to my world.

    They will not be daytrades. I will take overnight trades and GAMBLE.

    I will be gambling.

    I amaze myself everyday with new ideas.
    I hope I don't go bankrupt

    I hope I don't become too rich from this new journal that I have to order a new vault to store the greenbacks.

    I hope is the keyword.

    As a trader, all I can do is hope and pray. That is how fortunes are made. Hoping hard and praying hard = big money.

    Please money money money, Please.

    Tomorrow I will start my picks.

    My goal is 5% per trade per night.
    I will cut losts immediately if losts are below 5%
    All my trades will use equal position size.

    I am a gambler.
    You will be able to tell by my consecutive wins.

    Your <b>free movie ticket</b> to watch the best trade: OVERNIGHT!

    EXAR 12.90
    MER 69.85
    SLM 57.74

    AOS 40.43 ( 500 shares)
    PFE 23.84 (500 shares)
    LOGI 48.00 (500 shares)

    500 shares = not 100% sure.
    Rest = equal size larger.
  3. buzz


    Dear dear dear...............

    Just stick to trading and stop playing and we know,there is no money on the line.

  4. Coolweb,
    Why is it that you cant stick to ONE trading plan. Geez man, you are all over the place. First its daytading stocks, then its daytrading futures, then its back to daytrading stocks, then its swing trading and now its overnight gambling???

    sniff sniff.....this smells like desperation :D
  5. I'm still trading my method. All methods are just slightly adapted for the next strategy.

    This is the "work free" method.
    I don't have to work for my money. Can't get any better then this. Watch and learn!
  6. I'm still trying to figure out what that is LOL

  7. aqtrader


    Simply look at the daily chart, all the said stocks are not good buy at current level. Watch out. I bet at least half of them will reach 5% loss before reaching 5% gain.
    Good Luck.

  8. Agreed. MER, SLM, PFE, none look like good buys. Their price action today certainly didnt reveal anything either.

  9. lol... is this another coolweb thread? He's on ignore so I can't see the first post in this thread. Let me take a guess as to how it goes...


    I am trading a NEW STRATEGY!!

    I will be taking trades by just guessing - all my other methods are making me a small fortune and I am going to do this to show all the beautiful women around me how I can make money with my eyes closed. I am the porn King!!

    My technique will be to enter a position and then pray that it goes my way!!

    My stop will be my entry. I will be taking a $345,000 front on my credit card in order to fund this newest trading account. I challenge all comers to a bet - I will make a 25% gain in this account in one week. I will pay out 2-1 to anyone who takes the bet and wins. Come on losers!! Either step up or shut up!!!

    Watch and learn, losers! I am the greatest!!!


    Is this about right? I am tempted to take coolie-dork off ignore long enough to read his latest fantasies about trading the markets... but on the other hand, maybe not.

    Coolie-splork - is that you buddy? Wasn't there a bump in the minimum wage last week? What are you going to do with the extra cash??

    Coolweb is cool.
  10. I know what he's doing it's a relative strength mean reversion volatility breakout pullback
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