Galpal has spent 50 hours with Verizon customer service!!

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    I would have told them to come and pull the copper long ago but she is very much into working things out with everybody. She got on the phone to protest about $100 overcharge a few weeks ago, at one point they raised it to over $300 but end of that day it was $31 or so, which is what she thought it should be. She paid that amount, I ran the errand myself... then couple of weeks go by and she has another $100 or so in bogus charges.. and she's back on the phone with them like all afternoon... she estimated she has 50 hours in this task so far!! I'm guessing that somebody in their very dysfunctioning organization is profiting from these "mistakes", typically if something is messed up somebody wants it that way...
  2. That is their MO.

    The game they play. How we got tho the point where cos bill you for anything and then reduce the charge if you complain is beyond me.
  3. Happened to me too. Massive overcharge and weeks trying to get it fixed. Finally I lucked into an intelligent customer srvice manager and she fixed it on the spot. But it took weeks.
  4. To me that is odd. We were with Verizon for at least 10 years and I never had a customer service issue. Whenever I called or went into a store they were able to help and issued credits without any problem. On the other hand we moved to ATT as my wife has a 24% discount and I couldn't believe there would be much of a difference and was happy to savesome money. I've had to call about the 1st 2 statements and while they issued credits it is annoying to have to call twice after after signing up. I also am into month 3 and still waiting on a $75 credit that was part of the deal. They say to wait it'll show up. I all ready know I'll be calling again for the credit.
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    VZ has many packages you just have to know which package you are talking about and then insist the price you see. Their agent can adjust price on the fly but they will try to trick you into adding another charge. Their motto seems to be 'add on now and let somebody else worry about adjust it later'
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    The government's going to have to put their foot down onto the neck of these communication companies.

    AT&T has long been out of control. Don't use them unless you just have to.