Gallup: Record High Anti-Incumbent Congress Sentiment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Looks like its going to be another year of big turn over in the House and Senate in next years vote. It looks like the anti-incumbent trend starts right when the Democrats took over. Then really took off under Obama.

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  2. 2010 broke a 60 year old record for Congressional turnover.
    Only 89% were reelected.

    The polls for congressional approval mean very little. So many districts are gerrymandered to protect incumbents.

    Pelousi had an approval rating of 15% and won her district by 20 points. The whole system is corrupt
  3. Funny thing is people always think congress is doing a bad job EXCEPT their congressman.Because of this the same fools get elected over and over again
  4. been voting Sen.Lugar since 1982, this cycle, nope. Time for new talent.
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    Funny thing is YOU are going to vote for Obama - again. It's the same thing genius.
  6. I'm sure as hell not voting for Newt or Romney
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  8. The poster may have not checked the mirror --- There is funnier: what about those who may have tried to vote for W. in the last election (He was not running at the last election BTW!)?
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    Tsing Tao

    Please show some statistical information to back this up. How many people tried to vote for George W. in the last election?
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