Gallup Poll: Majority Thinks GOP Has Moved Right Since Obama Took Office

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  1. - The prevailing view among Americans is that the Republican Party has become more conservative since Barack Obama took office, but not necessarily because of the Tea Party movement's influence. Among the 54% who say so, about a third -- representing 19% of all Americans -- think the Tea Party movement is the primary reason for this; the rest believe other factors are at work.


    The Tea Party has clearly affected Republican politics this year, with candidates backed by Tea Party activists defeating several incumbents or establishment figures in Republican U.S. Senate nominating contests. The Aug. 27-30 poll was conducted before the most recent Tea Party win in the Delaware Senate primary on Tuesday, but after earlier wins for the movement in GOP Senate primaries and conventions in states such as Alaska, Kentucky, Utah, and Florida.

    The poll finds 30% of Americans identifying themselves as supporters of the Tea Party movement and 27% as opponents, with the remainder neutral or not having an opinion, consistent with what Gallup has found in four separate polls this year.

    Those who describe themselves as Tea Party "opponents" widely believe the Republican Party has become more conservative, while those who say they are Tea Party "supporters" are closely divided in their views of whether a shift has occurred.
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    The republicans have gone to the right just as Obama went to the extreme left (so far left as to adopt Marxist policies). I suppose its a kind of counter-balance.
  3. Exactly. But what hermit, and the entire media and political class, want us to believe is that "conservative" = wacko whereas marxist = thoughtful change, level headed, normal, tolerant and ever so caring for the little people.
  4. Give me some examples of these Marxist policies.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Marxism is summed up in the Encarta Reference Library as “a theory in which class struggle is a central element in the analysis of social change in Western societies.”

    everything obama is about is reflected above.

    obama care: giving health care to those who do not have it at the cost of those who do.

    redistribution of wealth through taxation of the rich to pay for entitlements of the poor.
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    Hopefully they are "right", as in correct.
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    lol you want to drink from a fire-hose?

    How about forced mandatory state-run healthcare?

    How about absurd immigration policy that seeks to wreck the system and flood the electorate disproportionately one-way?

    How about the proposals to attempt to ban guns?

    How about the suppression of American technical supremacy in missiles and ballistic vehicles by killing research funding and sending NASA off to play with the Islamofascists?

    How about the accumulation of more public debt than all previous administrations from Washington to Reagan combined?

    You can get to work on those while I think of another 100 or so lol. :)

  8. So Mitt Romney is also a Marxist? And the proposals put forward by the leading Conservative Think Tank Heritage? :confused:
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    lol I love when you do this. You just take a sharp turn off the debate out into la-la land like its some logical progression of the discussion. You take an opinion expressed by someone and you just add something from left-field to their opinion. You don't get to just tack ideas onto other people like that.

    And as I've previously indicated you have a predilection for painting huge swaths of people with some tarred brush you construct. It just doesn't hold up.
  10. Just answer the question, are they marxists too?
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