Gallup: Obama's Approval Slide Finds Whites Down to 39%

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  1. November 24, 2009
    Obama's Approval Slide Finds Whites Down to 39%

    Support has declined much more among whites than among nonwhites

    by Jeffrey M. JonesPRINCETON, NJ -- Since the start of his presidency, U.S. President Barack Obama's approval rating has declined more among non-Hispanic whites than among nonwhites, and now, fewer than 4 in 10 whites approve of the job Obama is doing as president.
  2. cstfx


    That's because white people are nuthin' but hood-wearing racists who just want to keep an educated, black man down!!

    (There. Saved you all the trouble.)
  3. It does not really matter what the whites think. In the 2012 election the key voting block is going to be the Turkish, lesbian, amputee vote. If Obama can do well with the Turkish, lesbian, amputee demographic, then its over.
  4. Ricter


    The important notions here are that people continue to classify themselves and others with these false labels, and continue to act as if inclusion in or exclusion from those groups should mean something.
  5. Isn't that what liberals like you promote? All we heard from the libs during the election was that Obama is black. All we heard was how Sotomayor was hispanic. All we heard was how Hillary was a woman. These labels define liberals and who they are.
  6. Ricter


    I can't speak for liberals, but I do not promote it.