Gallup: Obama Suffers Worst 3rd Quarter Drop in Approval Since 1953

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  1. Barack Obama has suffered the worst third quarter decline in his public approval rating of any elected president in the post-World War II era.

    Obama's average quarterly approval rating has slipped from 62 percent in the second quarter to 52.9 percent in the third quarter, according to Gallup polling. That 9 percentage point decline is twice the amount of any other post-war elected president. Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan saw their standing decline 4 points between the two quarters. No other elected president has declined more than 4 points since 1953. The third quarter began July 20 and ended October 19.

    Harry Truman, who of course inherited the presidency from FDR, dropped 13 points between his second and third quarters in 1945 and 1946.

    Among all presidents since WWII, Obama's third quarter approval rating is above only Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford. Clinton averaged 48 percent in the third quarter of 1993. Ford averaged 39 percent during his 1975 third quarter.

    More sobering for Obama, Gallup reports that Obama's latest quarterly average ranks 144th, or in the 44th percentile, for all post-war presidents during any quarter.
  2. I'm sure a WashPo/ABC poll will clear this up real quick.
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    "On May 15, 2006, White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle gave up seven runs in the first inning against the Minnesota Twins. However, he remained in the game and his team went on to score ten runs, giving Buehrle the victory. It was the first time in nearly 106 years that a pitcher gave up seven or more runs in the first inning but went on to earn the victory. The last pitcher was St. Louis' Jack Powell, who did it on September 29, 1900, against the Chicago Orphans. "
  4. The problem is that your Dear Leader throws like a girl.
  5. Because Mainstreet is getting the shaft while Wallstreet get the taxpayer rewards.

    Obama is just a black version of bush.
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    born in the Kenyan "bush"
  7. no shit

    obama is 'trickle down economics' on steriods

    reagan just wanted tax cuts

    obama gives them FREE MONEY
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    People are worried about the economy and the future but Obama and Pelosi are kramming health care reform down their throats, complete with illegal aliens... oh, and fighting with Fox News, not to mention that the porkulus bill didn't seemingly create any jobs but Democrats are calling it a victory... it's possible that the economy will turn around, likely in fact, before 2010, so they can do their usual shuck and jive act and stay in power...
  9. Anybody else watching this train wreck, and thinking Obama isn't in charge?

    I read somewhere David Geffen met him at a party and told him, "you're going to be the next President".

    This is the Manchurian Candidate. He can't make a decision. His staff does the stupidest things in the world. They say the most awful of things, and allow themselves to be taped doing it.

    I knew he was a Chicago politician and was a hoax from day one, but I couldn't envision it being this bad. What a nightmare.
  10. More like a national disgrace.
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