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    Are there any ways to get rid of gallstones? Might be dissolving or flushing it out- anything apart from surgery. It is surprising in surgery they remove the whole gallbladder instead of only removing stones.

    Any ideas how to stop forming more gallstones?

    Any information, links much appreciated.

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    Never had them but I did have a kidney stone once. They do have a device that blasts the stone with ultrasonic sound waves ( I think it was) to break them up.
    It didn't work for mine though. They had to be removed using the "roto-rooter" method.
  3. Thanks for your reply.

    For gallstones they donot want to do anything if there is no pain and most people donot develop any pain. Many even donot know they have gallstones. it is discovered while other checks are done.
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    if you have pain take magnesium with a glass of water, that should help within minutes, however this won't dissolve the gallstones in the long run. Also, if you have pain, avoid foods that cause the pain, you have a chance to make them a bit smaller...most people have gallstones, it's only when they get big that they start to hurt.
  5. Are there any problems that come from living without a gallbladder?
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    My dad had his out almost 12 years ago and I don't think it's been any different for him.
  7. eat a low fat fiber rich diet.
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    I had a kidney stone and it was the most horrible pain. I ended up having the ultrasounds shot at me and it worked, but I've never been in pain like that before. As much pain as it was though I'm lucky I got them because we ended up discovering my cancer about 6 to 9 months before we likely would have otherwise, which gave us a great headstart since most people with the type I have will die as it's too late once they figure out they have it. In my case that small headstart has so far made all the difference in the world.
  9. were you born with the 'kidney stone'?

    who is to blame for your choices?? :confused:

    you ate your way to the kidney stone
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    ok..but im probably the first guy in the world that's happy I had one, I dont care what caused it. It did hurt like a son of a bitch though.
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