Galaxy IV is sick

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by atticus, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Seems much lighter than the III and screen is fantastic. Apple is so behind the curve.
  2. Eight


    android on google devices is the way to go
  3. jj90


    Atty, you are killing my AAPL long thesis. Luckily I also bought GOOG. Texas hedge!
  4. I can't put the thing down! The IP5 is light, but this feels 1/3 lighter and 1/2 as thick. Anyway, I can't go back to a 4" screen. I am long vol and price in AAPL.
  5. I didn't think it hits the shelves in the US until tomorrow? Regardless, I have an iPhone and have debated on switching to android. The main reason I haven't is I'm just used to this now and have iTunes linked up to everything with my phone and my wife's also.
  6. I had a order for shipping on the 26th, but got an email stating they were shipping FIFO. I had a "pre-order" on the first day. It came yesterday. I'll produce some pics if you like.

    I need to grab another cam to take pics of the GIV:
  7. what no unboxing video?:p
  8. lol I'll never be that much of a fanboy. "Now here's the operating instructions.... and these are the earbuds, they are white as you can see"