Gaining Profit Vs Good Strategy

Discussion in 'Forex' started by enamhaq, Mar 11, 2013.

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    yes a good strategy should be given more preparence that a large profit.a efficient traders can make a large profit with good strategy.
  2. I think gain profit always depend one`s skill of trading.The process of gaining start small and the growth comes gradually with the traders improvement in the course of trading, the strategy you use must be a tested strategy that you can also guarantee that it is a good one.

    In my knowledge effective strategy- like competing other trader in a trading contest or games with in a limited period of time and amount challenge help trader to gain profit easily in a short time.
  3. If trader is having proper trading knowledge and experience then he will be able to make a good strategy and it will help to achieve the targets of earning good profit so trader should follow proper plan and strategies to get positive results from the trading.
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    How do you understand each other here...
  5. Strategy plays an important role in the trading so trader should focus on to develop their trading skills so that a good strategy can be made and followed to achieve the targets of earning good and consistent profit.

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