Gain Capital or (was OEC) data delays

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  1. I've documented this problem extensively over past 5 months with my broker but it continues. During fast markets, Gain data feed falls behind and can take anywhere from a few seconds to 5+ minutes to catch back up. Price on Gain's DOM or charts is incorrect during these periods making trading nearly impossible. My only saving grace is I also have Ninjatrader with IQ Feed data so I know when Gain gets out of sync.

    Gain tells me they have identified problem with developers and are working on a solution (for past month now) but it does not seem to be a priority to fix or is just painfully slow. My frustration level each day is high when these delays occur.

    Consider this a friendly warning to anyone considering Gain or who may not have a redundant reliable data feed like DTN IQFeed for comparison. I'm still hopeful they fix issue soon but am losing patience.

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    Why don't you try to take advantage and arb GAIN when their data is lagging. They probably take the other side of your orders
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    IMO, Gain (formerly OEC) is the worst futures broker/FCM out there. Particularly if day-trading.

    After 5 months of (documented) data lags there is no way you can dismiss the issue with a generalized "no broker, no FCM, no data feed is perfect" explanation.

    Move on... there are many, much better futures brokers/FCMs out there. One is possibly very close to perfect for your style/type of trading.
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    You are exactly right. The data is unreliable, especially during fast markets. At least they have acknowledge the problem to you rather denying their is a problem or is somehow your fault. The second question is this really independent Gain Futures data or a CQG overlay. Either way, your observation mirrors mine and is correct.
  5. Problem continues... Yesterday for about 15 min. the EMinis were minutes behind! Below is from a Demo account on a separate computer. The same issue was on my trading computer in a live production account. (proving the issue is not my computer). Why the hell was the YM keeping up just fine? Thanks for confirming @IndexTrader11 that others are seeing same thing. 022020DelaysDemo.png
  6. Right again. I experienced the same issue during the same time period yesterday. On the other hand, my native CQG feed was rock solid in comparison and did not have a lag. Interestingly, today during the "Fast Market " I did NOT experience a lag.
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  7. Nothing like futures opening down 3% and the DOM being totally wrong for first 14 min.!
  8. Exactly, Gain Futures is fully aware of the problem. There was a time when you called them on this they would at issue a system wide warning. As a public company they have an obligation to warn about this as well as fix it. I guess that is why GCAP is down to $3.50, not even a takeover target.
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  9. Well, Well, Well, although the lag has become a daily occurrence, yesterday was especially bad. INTL FCStone Inc,which is a S&P 600 component, has taken over
    GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. for $6 /share. INTL currently Bid $32.57 yesterday close $45.23. GCAP Bid $5.89.
    Can we hope for improvement, time will tell.
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