Gadhafi to the rescue

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  1. Here’s a hilarious story (via SWF Radar). Libya has a sovereign wealth fund, and Gadhafi’s son said he wants to invest here in the U.S.:

    Libya wants to open a new chapter in relations with the United States by investing some of its $100 billion sovereign wealth fund in U.S. companies and sending thousands of students to study in America, the son of Libya’s leader said Friday…

    He said Libya’s new sovereign wealth fund, a government-owned investment fund with almost $100 billion, “wants to invest here in America” despite the current financial crisis.

    Because the fund is new, he explained, “we avoided that tsunami, the big wave. We escaped that risk, and now we are in good shape to invest right now.”

    Why invest in the United States?

    “This is a great country with the biggest economy in the world, with a great opportunity,” the younger Gadhafi said. If some companies are having financial troubles “it doesn’t mean the whole economy is collapsing and it’s useless to invest here. Of course not. I think just the opposite. It’s the right time to invest here.”

    Thanks Moammar, for helping out a friend in need. Can you talk Ahmadinejad into forking over $50 bil? Detroit could really use it.

    In all seriousness, congratulations to W. on the rapprochement with Libya, his greatest (only?) foreign policy achievement.

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  2. .....when foreign investors get excited about foreign assets, be careful! The "final bottom" isn't in yet. :cool:
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    Quoted for truth:eek:
  4. I remember your last year´s "short" call when all the sovereigns "supported" the investment banks. Very good indicator ! :)