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    What kind of gadgets are handy for trading, things which assist at making your work more efficient ?
    I’m thinking hardware, software, furniture, electronics, widgets, anything.

    I notice some traders have very wide screen monitors.
    Are they extra helpful ?

    I don’t have any special gadgets as such except a wide roomy trading desk.

    I bought a computer a while back, specifying it must be quiet, after I got it home and loaded all my software, discovered actually it was a damn noisy unit.
    The noise came from a high speed fan which was built into the hardware, couldn’t easily change it. It drove me nuts.
    Anyway, I bought a rubber door mat with spikes all over it and laid some of this inside the case as well as placed it outside the case where the fan discharged air.
    It had the effect of slowing the fan down a bit (air working on resistance) which solved the problem, about $3 plus a bit of labour.
    No risk with overheating as my computer doesn’t work hard and has 3 fans inside.