Gaddafi is an anti-semite

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  1. Gaddafi the Muslim Terrorist is an anti-semite, who accuses the war as being a zionist one.

    I really do hate Gaddafi and I hope we bomb him and kill him, his sons and his supporters in west Libya.

    Once we have killed him, we should take the oil there to punish the evil Libyan terrorists. It will be our oil and we will be rich!

    The only drawback to this policy is a few dead Libyan terrorists i.e. no drawbacks.

    God bless USA and Israel.
  2. ========================
    Too bad he did not learn his lesson when the US smart[laser] bombed his tent under Pres Ronald Reagan,
    & his kid was killed......................................................................
    CBN news , talking to FBI agent Jack Cloonan called him[Gadhafi] ''vengeful, vindictive, proven killer''.....
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    you are a troll, who is posting to get replies - any replies whatsoever - to feed your kicks. i hate that i've replied to you and given any substance whatsoever to the worthless thread that this is, but it is my hope others will see my comment and just move on, letting this thread die like the crap that it is.
  4. I think that guy is sameeh, posting under a new alias in response to the other troll ali hussain who pretends to be muslim and says similar stuff.
  5. Wow! You are good! How did you find that out you naughty, naughty man!
  6. How much does a Palestinian drag queen make these days samantha?

  7. Why? Are you interested? Anyway, they go by the rate your mama charges Shoshana. It became an international standard you know.
  8. Sameeh has no sense of humor at all, this dude is pretty funny.
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  10. Taqiyya fail.

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