Gaddafi Captured

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  2. What a coincidence he's beeing captured just after Clinton's visit. Do you think the rebels got a good bargain?
  3. European stock market index values and changes:

    France FCHI CAC 40 3,145.55 -11.79 (-0.37%)
    Germany GDAXI DAX 5,874.91 -38.62 (-0.65%)
    United Kingdom FTSE FTSE 100 5,417.94 -32.55 (-0.60%)
  4. at least he didnt run.

    All you can ask in life is a good death
  5. dead
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  6. Gone.

    He's been a great dictator, a wonderful statesman a brave and smart leader.

    Western leaders are clowns, midgets, compared to him.
  7. Did they give the proof in form of a video? Otherwise, why should I believe what a farter says?
  8. Even less market reaction than Bin Laden's death. In that case, futures were up 1-2% on the Sunday night it was announced, then closed lower on Monday.

    Not that I care for the guy at all, but who knows if Libya will be better off or worse without him. We'll know for sure in 5 or 10 years. It's not like wonderful statesmen rise up and peacefully occupy positoins of authority in that part of the world (or anywhere else these days, for that matter).
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    You deserve to fall under the control and oppression of someone like him.

  10. So, now we hear cheering from the FOOL WHO WEARs THE CROWN in the US and all his puppets.

    So, now LIBYA, bombed into the stone age can be handed over to the "BROTHERHOOD", much like EGYPT and we have another hard core Radical Muslim country, like EGYPT is now.

    RA RA RA, cheers from the mindless fucking retards in America.

    Wake up you brain dead idiots. THINK OUTSIDE THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE!

    And for all you ass clowns that spout off about LIBYA, read what their standard of living was, what rights women had, and the Free HEALTH CARE, FREE EDUCATION they had (Like 90% of you fuck nuts on ET WANT) and the money they gave to each citizen after completing school. THEY WERE THE ENVY of many countries in the region.

    I'm not saying I would want to live under the rule of the Dictator, oh but wait I'am under OBAMA! Nevertheless, regardless of your political beliefs LIBYA had a very high standard of living and remember, the DICTATOR was once our friend as he was released by BUSH> Then all of a sudden,....ENEMY? in less than 4 years.

    Yea right. And I believe the unemployment number is 9.1% after another 400k loss of jobs this month....on top of the last 48 months....
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