Gabelli on CNBC........WHY ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by taodr, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. taodr


    Why is Mario Gabelli on CNBC. I don't understand how they suck up to this guy. Apparently his fund lost 40% over the last two years. Why would anyone want to listen to his "ideas".
  2. bmwstox


    Gabelli paid to be on to restore his credibility, this way his investors might stop pulling their assets from his losing fund.
  3. This guy is a leading investor and deep thinker on Wall Street. I read it in Barrons.
  4. taodr


    Yeah, deep under the water.
  5. he gave my friends daughter a job!
  6. i'm still laughing at his comment last summer......"AOL is an absolute steal here at 19"
  7. My Favorite "Experts" they've had on;

    (1) The guy with the astrology strategy, seriously, he explained the alignment of the planets and how it affected the markets.
    (2) The Bible Guy (no offense to religious people, I hold very strong religious beliefs, this just ain't one of them). Voices from on high told him what to buy. (I'm not making this stuff up)
    (3)And that nut that said AOL was a steal @ $19...opps that was Mario...:D
  8. Since when CNBC is of any value :D

  9. And had you laughed also when someone announced you at the end of 2000 the Nasdaq crash ?

    Well the number of people thinking this was ridiculous was impressive : NOT ONE on french forum - but I'm sure that it would be the same in US since the phenomena of new economy hype was created there - was not mocking at the idea. There was even a pseudo trader who pretended being an economist converted into a trader that confronted me saying to everybody that I was a fool not to believe in new economy: the guy cannot be seen anymore he must have lost his ass hahaha !

    So mocking today AFTER the facts is too easy. Was you mocking before the facts ?

  10. Ditch


    Why would anyone want to listen to CNBC? These bozos have been bullish during the first three years of thge bear market:p
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