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  1. As the trades close, I will analyze how then went, and how I might improve the performance of later trades.

    I would appreciate input from other traders--if you spot mistakes, places I could build upon, want to suggest new strategies, or just wish to congratulate me or another contributor on our successes. Occasionally, I will also ask for feedback on a setup or a strategy.

    I hope we will all learn.

    To profitability...
  2. One trade has closed: DCOM

    Entry: 19.74
    Stopped out: 20.26

    Analysis: I felt the likelyhood of a second rally was low, given a break of support, the pattern, and the low volume that characterized the consolidation. I was not overly concerned with the sector's oversold condition because of the short-term divergence, which left this second-tier name looking more vulnerable than anything else.

    Nevertheless, we were stopped out in today's minor rally.

    (See attachment)

  3. xianokie


    :) Just do it baby.
  4. One trade has closed: NVLS (short)

    Entry: 19.49
    Stopped out: 20.86

    Analysis: Stopped out by 5 c, and the stock remains mired in consolidation, though volume hasn't been fading as it should.
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    So, what happened then? Any more trades? :)
  6. Oh my God. Two trades and G_Morgan is wiped out entirely... :D
  7. why is the solid blue line drawn as it is? ... i would have drawn it along the tops of the highs of the up move.