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  1. You know what this means.........


    While currencies were not formally addressed, the Journal noted remarks from Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin late Friday that should support the U.S. dollar, after the country's central bank said earlier this week it may reduce its holdings of U.S. debt.

    Over the next year or more, Kudrin said he "does not see any significant changes in our policy with regards to dollar-denominated paper," according to the newspaper.

  2. This is way too easy!
  3. T-Bone!!!! Thanks for the long signal.

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  5. L M A O ! ! !
  6. I repeat --

    This is way toooooooo EZ

  7. pretty good call

    not exact but darn tootin close

  8. wrong! just got my target!

  9. How's the long position going HairyChest?
  10. covered eveything!
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