G8 meetings do not seem to be going well

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  1. Thin smiles fail to mask the growing tensions between Bush and Putin
    By Alec Russell in St Petersburg
    (Filed: 16/07/2006)

    President Vladimir Putin all but taunted President George W Bush yesterday over the situation in Iraq as their one-on-one summit ended on a prickly note - and with no sign of a break-through on the many issues dividing the two increasingly estranged leaders.

    Aides to the two presidents had hoped that a successful bilateral meeting in St Petersburg could pave the way for a harmonious start last night of the G8 summit of world leaders.

    But Russia's last-minute failure to secure America's support for its entry to the World Trade Organisation set the tone for what was clearly a frosty meeting, and then a distinctly awkward joint press conference.


    Seems like the rest of the world still wants to teach Bush a lesson... and Israel's turning up the heat here with unrest in the mideast. There does not seem to be a global consensus... yet.

    Israel may have to go this one alone, although they might like Uncle Sam's help here... Probably only a major attack on Jerusalem or Iran's involvement here will prompt US involvement unconditionally. No help from Putin for oil supply - keep that bull rollin'. Gold, too probably. Treasuries will continue to temporarily rally from the safe-haven effect.

    But don't worry... we have 24 hours more to solve those problems and restore the world to normalcy.