#%*$ G7 meeting !!!!

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Kicking, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. Damn damn !!! How do I know when these G7 meetings are held !

    Last time I had a position over a G7 meeting weekend I took a big loss . I swore never again. I am long DIA . I didn't see any mention of this anywhere until today !! oooh sh*t
  2. if you are able to trade futures with your broker

    you can hedge yourself tomm night

    when globex opens or the ECBOT opens

    good luck
  3. I usually skim read the free Briefing.com, CBS MKTW and Forexnews.com which has better content IMO but did not see any mention of the G7 meeting anywhere before Saturday. I emailed Briefing and they say they did mention it (although it was most probably on Monday doh).

    Do you know a better website for news and commentary? It' s like nobody cares about the G7!?:confused: I was caught long last May (Mon19) after the exchange rate flexibility statement and NQ kept falling throughout that day after a gap down. Gotta find a link to the World Bank or IMF they may have a calendar. Will post if I find.
  4. I don't care about news as for trading. Now I have automated archives of some of them just to make fun later : I want to see if the news is behind the number or the number behind the news :D. For example I have archives of this sitehttp://www.capitalupdates.com/ as it contains a summary of several mass medias.

    So for G7 it's funny I have looked on date 22 it wasn't talked about, it only appears on 23th april: they didn't want to put the accent on G7 before apparently.
  5. anyone heard about the G7 (G8) meeting BEFORE this weekend? I can't believe this I missed it again. I vaguely overheard something last Friday on Bloomberg about G7 ministers asking OPEC to increase quotas and checked if there was any G7 meeting , concluded there was just an OPEC meeting in Amsterdam. Where the heck was this FIn Min G8 meeting announced?!!

    Since the last time I looked at the IMF and World Bank online calendars but there were no mentions of G7 meetings, I still don't know where to find that info.
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    You might want to try futures (FWN) they just report the facts, you get economic data release the second it hits the
    wires, up dates on world markets commodities, currencies
    economic calendars from around the world.

    I use the mytrack basic plan $4.98 a month, then subscribe to
    FWN for $30.00 a month. So for 35 a month I stay up to date

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    You don't need to open a trading account, just go to mytrack service plans.