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    Anyone hear of G6Trading? Good, bad, average? Sounds like a fairly new co.
  2. I was in their trading room, pretty good- they trades gaps only and its busy at the open but after that the room is pretty much just chat room. They offer a seminar which I never took.
    The trading accounts they offer are with BSI which is not bad.

    Hope that helps
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    Nice post count guys. LOL.
  4. I am a not so experienced investor and saw that G6 Trading had some good reviews. I am looking for education and help with developing a good trading system. Has anyone had any recent success with them or any opinions about their service? Thanks.
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    Is this the firm with that guy Wilson that no body ever see's? What a strange dude.
    Not sure if this is the firm.
  6. I believe it is run by two guys named Yaniv and Ran. Has anyone used their service or another one that they would recommend to a novice investor? I am interested in trading stocks and options.
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    does seem that everyone who brings up G6 trading has a 1-10 post count.
  9. I have never personally traded with G6 but I have seen their contracts and learned of their business structure and they are set up as they should be. Don't go into any firm expecting them to tell you what to buy/sell and you can just ride someone's coat tails and not have to put in the work. Trading is hard and will only work after years and years of blood, sweat and tears. Anyone telling you something else is selling something.

    I have never heard anything negative about G6 and they are a registered firm.
  10. at first i thought you guys were talking about G2 trading
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