G200 Quad Card versus two dual-head cards (part II)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by no_agenda, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. I've got Win2k Pro and a dual-head Vision Tek GeForce MX 440 Nvidia card. I have two monitors and would like to upgrade to four.

    On a previous thread I stated that I was going to try and get two dual-head cards, but the more I researched it I thought that it may be best to go with the G200 quad-head.

    Then I went to my local computer shop today to get more RAM and started discussing my video card options with the head tech guy there.

    He said that I should NOT get the G200 card because it's only 32MB, and spread across four monitors that's only 8MB apiece and thus not enough for running resolutions of 1280 X 1024!!

    This directly contradicts Baron's Hardware section on a trading workstation; he says 4MB is enough for that resolution.

    So, I'd like to get feedback from G200 users running Win2000 Pro. Advice, comments, feedback would be appreciated. Also, will the G200 card only work on certain motherboards? I have the Intel D850EMV2.

    Also, how do you traders with two dual-head cards or even several single-head cards get the cards to "talk" to each other so you can move application windows around on the 4 screens? Do you need special software or hardware?

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    I'm running the G200 mms and it supports 4 monitors just fine at the resolution you stated with only 8mb per monitor.

    I use Win XP home O/S. The set-up works great for quotes & trading.

    You might run into some problems if you also wanted to use the 4 monitors with only 8mb ea. if you did some heavy gaming or graphics work. For trading...I couldn't ask for anything more.

    It's worth paying the extra couple bucks for a quad, it's a lot less trouble.
  4. The G450 Dual head cards are only 16 meg which is 8mg for each monitor.

    For 2D applications, 8mg per monitor is fine.

    Did you consider that the guy at the shop might have been trying to upsell you for a little more commish?

    You would only need more ram if you wanted to do gaming, and given that no games are designed to run across four monitors, there is not much benefit to getting more than 8mg per monitor.

    The only people that who need more than that across multiple monitors are video editors.

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    I'm running a G200 quad card on a Win2000 system, using 1600x1200 resolution on all four monitors with no problems.

    Best of luck,
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    I'm running 3 G450s and a GeForce4 4600. No problem with apps open across all screens or moving from one to the other under XP Pro, XP Matrox drivers and nVidia Geforce driver.
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    I just use a few single head cards. Everything from Win 98 up runs them all just fine. You go to settings>display, and it lets you extend your desktop across however many you want (I think the limit is something like 18).
  8. Eric, this gives me hope.

    Is the card PCI or AGP and what kind of motherboard do you have?

    I have the Intel D850EMV2 for the Pentium 4 and I'm not sure if the G200 will fit properly.

    Also, any problems with heat issues? I read on another thread to be sure to get a card with the heat sinks...