G20 police take "trophy photos" of arrestees

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TorontoTrader2, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Who hates your freedom? our own cops and military.

    Nice torture photos for them. I wonder what occurs back at the cells, away from the public eye.

    It's no different than in any other country: the police are terrorists and torturers. I'll bet you can't wait until the troops return home, fresh with PTSD, and join your local force!

  2. Here another short G20 video of ARMY guys kidapping a protestor and bundling him into a waiting unmarked car.

    Great Gestapo tactics.

    The good germans, err I mean americans will deny the existance of concentration camps this time around.

    The "disappeared" people who are grabbed off the streets and never seen again.

  3. Pekelo


    Alien abduction?

    We locals generally were pretty pissed off at the demonstrators, just so you know....
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    Make um all disappear. Those are commie scum who want the free market to go away. I don't care if the cops use them for target practice.
  5. I think these "demonstrators", actually rioters or insurgents is a better term, have been treated with kid gloves for far too long. the police, far from using gestapo tactics, are hamstrung by the courts and local pols in dealing with the threat to public safety and sheer annoyance of these dirtbags.

    Our courts made a big mistake decades ago in confusing mob action with legitimate First Amendment- protected dissent. The First Amendment protects your right to hand out fliers, stand on the street corner and give a speech or complain to elected officials. It shouldn't give you the right to tie up streets, disrupt businesses or shut down a city center.
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    You and that Thunderdog guy should really hook up. Apparently you guys are pretty lonely up there.
  7. Once you figure out TorontoTrader2 that the protestors were protesting all the BS that you feel should be shoved down American's throats (such as Odumba, socialism, a new world order, carbon tax, UN, etc), I am sure you will change sides and fully support the police and their abhorent actions.