G20 now preparing for Greek default

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gastropod, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. I sure hope they dont flock to the dollar. But you know they will.
  2. TGregg


    Welcome to the party. Better late then never, I suppose.

    Could somebody call the G20 and tell them that:

    Those emails from Nigerian oil ministry workers are scams


    They didn't really win some weird European lottery


    Bill Gates is not about to send them money for forwarding emails

    Thanks. God knows what other stupid scams these `tards fell for.
  3. It is God 20 on anti-gay. Sad but true. Those comprising the G20 may or not be homosexual, however they all have mommy issues.

    Did you see the WSJ front page this past week? Says it all.
  4. FYI, G20 is below middle management. Politicians waiting around for the sway of the population. No answers. No foresight. No wisdom. No knowledge. No understanding. Absolutely no clue.
  5. G20 likes posing for photographs to feed their egos. They used to wait around for the accolades provided by those at the top to hide their activities. No more. Scapegoats. Responsibility. Let's see their wisdom and guidance.
  6. scary weekend for shorts. talk of 2T eu fund.

    these eu freaks really got horny. after VW and EUCF get ready for next LARGER blow thru shorts hearts.

  7. I wonder who owns all that Greek debt. I remember reading that South Korean banks are having a crisis now, wonder if they are major holders of Greek debt securities.