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  1. on my hunt thru hundreds of MT4 indicators for a buy/sell indicator i came
    across the G#MACD, the only indicator i display on trading charts

    being visually oriented i liked the G#MACD the first time i saw it on my
    charts but it was quite a while before i realised it was a MACD, an indicator
    i'd long dismissed in favour of a Stochastic Oscillator

    what i've liked about the G#MACD is the overbought/sold lines appearing
    above/below the histogram bars, an obvious and simple indication to enter
    a trade, to exit a trade, to consider a reverse trade

    'CJA' is the author (?) of the MT4 G#MACD on the forex-tsd forum
    there are at least 2 translations of the MT4 G#MACD – for MetaStock and
    for NinjaTrader
    the 'G#MACD_MTF' _MTF designation means 'Multi Time Frame' - will
    automatically adjust to any timeframe chart the indicator is placed on

    i've pdfed G#MACD images from each program for your perusal and zipped
    the indicators and CJA's trading notes in the next post

    MetaTrader 4 G#MACD by CJA
    need to register to view images and to download

    MetaStock G#MACD by Roy Larsen
    need to register

    NinjaTrader G#MACD [GuppyMACD] by NinjaTrader_Josh
    NinjaTrader Support Forum/NinjaScript File Sharing/Indicators/page 5
    Indicators page is open otherwise need to register

    Phillip Nel's thread '4 Hour Strategy (MACD)' has to be the longest and
    most comprehensive trading strategy thread on the net, currently 19,091
    pages, 2.9M views ! he's indexed the major pages of interest and images
    and downloads are available without registration
  2. here's the zip