G.M. to Drop G.M. Logo From Its Vehicles, because that will help turn GM around, HAHA

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    Does GM believe that consumers are that fu$king stupid. What kind of marketing ploy is this pathetic nonsense, this is not going to change a damn thing about this company.

    “We really want to elevate the prominence of our four core brands,”


    All of the sudden they want to elevate prominence, something they have been trying to do for how many decades but still continue to fail at it. Complete JOKE!!!!!!

    August 27, 2009, 9:19 am
    G.M. to Drop G.M. Logo From Its Vehicles
    By Jerry Garrett

    Need to be reminded that you are buying a General Motors vehicle?

    G.M. apparently no longer thinks so. So it is removing the “G.M. Mark of Excellence” logos from all its Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC models. The logo had been a fixture on all G.M. vehicles since 2005.

    The reason, officially, is that the recently reorganized company, which is shedding its Pontiac, Hummer, Saturn and Saab brands, wants to emphasize its remaining marques.

    “We really want to elevate the prominence of our four core brands,” Terry Rhadigan, a G.M. spokesman, told news outlets Tuesday. “It’s really going to be an intense focus.”

    Delicately put, G.M.’s own internal research showed that customers think more of the individual brands than they do of the parent company. Considering the negativity around G.M.’s financial troubles of the past few years, and its bankruptcy filing this summer, perhaps that is understandable.

    The move was said to have been under consideration for some time.

    “What we’re seeing is the G.M. brand gets dinged big time in terms of considering a G.M. vehicle,” Mike DiGiovanni, a G.M. executive, told Wall Street analysts in a conference call last April.

    Mr Rhadigan said the G.M. logos would start disappearing immediately, although it may take longer to rid them from vehicles where the logo is an integrated feature in the design.

    What about dealerships?

    “The dealership signage won’t change, because the core brands are already very prominent,” Mr. Rhadigan added in an e-mail message. “As for advertising, you’ll see fewer G.M. ads, in favor of a renewed focus on Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC, and the great products those brands offer.”
  2. GM took GMAC off their bank & renamed it Ally Bank. It's been successful because many don't realize it's the same bank. More difficult to do with the autos.
  3. That GM logo looks fugly anyway...

  4. New Badge is coming......DGM....Department of Government Motors.....
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    The pricks in charge should be proud of the damaged GM name/logo and do everything possible to make it a good brand again.

    It's possible as anyone in Europe knows. Skoda was the but of many a joke during the cold war but now they make great cars and it's known as a strong brand.

    And the Skoda brand had so many more problems that the GM one.
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    Nissan was on death watch also. They doing fine now. The automobile business is just a lot more competivive than before. Face it, if a car company comes out with the right models they can move the "IRON" out the showroom.

    As it stands now GM is not the GM many of us grew up with, that is all in the history books. Ford came out with the EDSEL and it was a flop.............Ford is still out there without the Edsel and white Bronco's for jealous ex husband types.

    I see today Toyota is dropping the joint venture with GM in California and shifting production to tojo land. it is all about money and not about who and where the cars are built. Our tax dollars helped give GM a transplant..............did that mean we would only produce GM cars in the USA? hahahahaha

    PS: Speaking of fast cars and fast women the Belgium F1 practice is on SPEED. Race is Sunday by where the 101st airborne was surrounded by the krauts in the Battle of the Bulge. The krauts asked the commander of 101st to surrender and was told. "NUTS" :p
  7. mah... hide the logo...can help??