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    Before I noticed that subtle laptop, I could've sworn that's a beer ad. It's got most of the essential beer ad elements (except, strangely enough, the beer): 3 uncontrollably-laughing-for-no-reason, spaced-out, cartoonish, multi-ethnic bimbos, all over 1 (note the excellent 3:1 R-ratio) equally pathologically euphoric mimbo who looks like a cross between a third quarterback and a part-time drug dealer. Hell yeah, this brand-building campaign absolutely can't fail with its sophisticated target demographics.

    Not to nitpick, but... shouldn't the entire cast of deliriously high-on-life characters be looking at the screen... at each other... anywhere BUT the freaking camera?

    The fluorescent green spandex athletic bra worn as a top as is a really nice touch, though. It brushes against your chest, grabs your attention and purrs in your ear, "Wanna get... direct?"