FYI -- Terrorist Attack

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  1. I don't have much time but I wanted to let you know that my best friend just called from D.C. and they have everything locked down tightly and are bringing in missile silos. There is also a lot of heightened activity going on.

    Does the air seem a little chilly right now? Markets appear to be reacting to this -- It would suck to take any long positions at this point in time for swing trades.

    It would seem as though a terrorist attack is highly imminent -- so we're all just going to prepare, wait and watch here in Baltimore, MD while I continue to move my stuff around.

    I hope everyone remains safe. It sucks to have to put up with these bullshit times in history.
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    What are the missile silos for? (I mean other than launching missiles from.) Who are they going to launch missiles at from downtown DC?
  3. maybe some errant airliners?
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    Not to troll or anything, but I always thought missle silos where those tubes buried underground, be tough to bring them in. Any more info?
  5. Sorry if I got the terminology wrong. They are bringing in "portable missile launcher thingies that shoot missiles."
  6. I saw the news on TV Is it a new White House scare tactic ? or else the country is really going crazy. Stinger missile in D.C. and duct tape handy in every home? Now com'on!
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    Things are going to hell in a handbasket,
    And I did not put on that short position....DAMN!

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    D.C. Air Defense Tightened Due to Threat
    1 hour, 30 minutes ago Add Top Stories - AP to My Yahoo!

    By JOHN J. LUMPKIN, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON - Air defenses around the nation's capital have been strengthened amid a heightened terrorism alert and a warning from CIA director George Tenet that al-Qaida attacks could occur as early as this week, defense officials said Wednesday.

    Avenger anti-aircraft missiles have been stationed around Washington, along with extra radars, and the Air Force has stepped up its combat air patrols over the capital, they said. In testimony Wednesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee (news - web sites), meanwhile, Tenet reiterated that the danger of attack is rising.

    Man, am I ever sorry I exited that nice short swing trade I had on. Yesterday. :(
  9. Valentine's Day
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    President's day.
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