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  1. Here is a link to his posts:

    Lest you have any doubts that it's actually him, this is what he said about himself:
    "I'm the son of Greek/Serbian immigrants to Australia"
    This is absolutely identical to how he described himself on this forum.

    The Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a white supremacist Internet forum.
    Stormfront is owned by Don Black, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who was a member of the American Nazi Party in the 1970s. ...Founded in 1995, Stormfront is generally seen as having been the internet's first major hate site
  2. i denounce these types of tactics and their language. this is race baiting and ruins honest debate. this is what you do to muslim/arabs doodoo and i denounce you also. i consider you an equal to these people.
  3. As for the Nazis, I visited the website you accused spect8or of belonging to. And what do you know, apparently, you should be given a honorary membership in there. Little that I knew, you and them share a lot in common especially when it comes to dehumanizing muslims and Arabs.

    What is so unique about zionists like you is that they will always have the audacity to talk from both sides of their mouths. On one hand, you have expressed exact sentiments and used exact phrases against muslims as the ones expressed on that site that you are bitching and whining aboutand on the other, you really believe that you have cornered spect8or by posting the link to that website . The level of audacity you display has no limits dddooo! What makes you think that you, being the zionist you are, could get away with your nazi like hate?
  4. I warned you dddooo. Do not say I didn't! I warned you that through your practices, you will lose whatever fake morality you have mastered to display. You laughed me off dddooo.

    I warned you that no one will shed a tear for you especially after people like you prostituted their own people's cause through your crimes and hate.

    Taste some of the hate you have been expressing and displaying
  5. What's wrong with being a member of What's wrong with being a member of KKK? What's wrong with being a member of a Nazi (or Neo-Nazi) party?

    I am afraid you won't understand what's wrong with it.
  6. It's quite telling that you are attacking me after I've exposed spect8or as a sick racist pig while you and "waelo the jihadist" were completely silent and in fact quite supportive of his posts during the last couple of days when he was polluting every thread with his sick racist, anti-semitic and anti-muslim rants.

    Way to go ratboy, you never disappoint!!!
  7. as i said, i denounce his tactics and his language. many leaders on the site you posted are disinfo.

    take Hal Turner for example. he was a virulent racist and i posted on his site criticizing him. i found his actions deplorable and i was censored on his site. doodoo, as wael has pointed out, you come across similarly as these racist.
  8. Too little too late. You and waelo were silent/supportive of him when it mattered. You did not say a word to him, wael was kissing his Nazi ass, LOL, in fact they were criticizing Islam together.
  9. And let me tell you something else ratboy. Who do you think you are, a politician whose denunciations matter, a public figure, the queen of England? No you're not, you're a lowly anonymous internet conspiracy theorist, nothing more.

    This is a debating forum, people argued with spect8or, people ridiculed him, people criticized his views, people insulted him, people called him (well-deserved) names. You and your buddy wael did absolutely nothing to confront him so you can stick your empty denunciations in the same place out of which you're pulling your conspiracy theories.

    Got it?
  10. What is wrong with being a member of La Raza [La Raza = the race]???
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