FYI - RIMM December 15 - Earnings

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  1. FYI - RIMM December 15 - Earnings

    This could be a good long Strangle play, buy on Thursday sell on Friday. Should cost less than $1.00. I am bullish on RIMM, but would like to play both sides of the fence.

    I will update on Thursday. :)

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  2. I am bullish on RIMM.....

    I've had Bear Spreads going on RIMM for a while now.
    Why are you bullish?
  3. get the stock low 'enuf so google can buy 'em for pocket change and mothball it.
    put them out of their misery.

    the mba mouthpiece at the top has no clue and the board of directors is a bunch of local yokals.

    millions pissed away on patent infringe.

    the rank and file has no respect for the skipper and the boat is sinking.

    they are like rabid dogs from the ties that bind.....

    up the creek without a paddle.

    lower highs and lower lows.

    buy 'em all at zero, or not.

    u wanna be long and wrong........:)


  4. Bullish on RIMM? Wow.
  5. Well...okay...but looking at the one year chart it looks to me like one would be better off with a bearish position around earnings. But you're a lot smarter than I am.

    Good luck.

  6. I prefer to avoid playing earnings reports if possible - too much of a coin toss. But RIMMs report date was announced after I set up the Bear Spread. Think I'll let them flip the coin and see what happens this time, just for the heck of it.
  7. kivd


    Why would this be a good straddle play?
    Don't you think RIMM's earning surprises have been works into option prices?
  9. When would it hit $12? Wake me up if it gets to 10.01 in next 10 weeks.
  10. with the atm straddle costing almost $2 at the close, how lucky were ya?
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