FYI: NinjaTrader Beta delayed until Sep/09

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ArcticTrader, Jun 22, 2009.

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  2. Ahhh well, that's a shame. I was really looking forward to this. But, at least it makes up my mind for me. Guess option two will have to do. Like you said, end of September - maybe. And then, after that? Probably well into 2010. Way too long to wait. Its unfortunate the way things have turned out and how NT folks have strung us along...
  3. Ugh, that's not good news at all. I am all but done with MQL.
  4. I was pissed until I read that page of what should actually be in NT7...
    Massive update...looks sick.
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    If they can pull all that off and have it be STABLE and FAST, it will be a great platform.... we'll see.
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    Nice to see this...

    New Continuous/Merged Futures Contracts
    The concept of continuous contracts are implemented in a manner that allows you to continue to work with the front month for trading (ES 09-09 is the current front month as of this writing) and define a rollover date, June 11, 2009 is the contract boundary between June and September contracts. Rollover dates for the most popular futures contracts will be managed by NinjaTrader server and automatically uploaded to you. You can of course overwrite this. You then set up a "Merge policy" globally which can be overridden at the instrument level. As you request a historical chart, if the days to load crossed over the rollover boundary, NinjaTrader will transparently request the prior month(s) historical data and merge it into one Data Series based on the selected merge policy. This entire process is of course transparent to the user and ensure that a complete chart is received and that you know which contract you are actually executing trades against.
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    I concur. Time will tell...

    If it's as they say in the pdf, and not too many of the members here raise he*l, should be worth a try again.

    I hate the downtime on sim, but I'm one of those who has to go for numerous "test flights" first before "buying the jet."
  9. In my opinion they have made the correct decision. The current v6.5 is somewhat crippled by poor software architecture and they have made a sensible decision in delaying the release. There is absolutely no point them rush releasing another version which is riddled with all new bugs.

    Disappointing, but at the end of the day definitely the best move.
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    What are you gona do...the dirty little secret is that Ninjatrader "has us by the balls".

    I've looked and looked and there is no other software on the market that even comes close to Ninjatrader in terms of functionality and price for the retail trader.

    Looks like they will fix a lot of problems in version 7, and if they do...there will be no comparison. You just gotta sit on your hands and be patient.
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