FYI: IPE/DTB fees at IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by alanm, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. alanm


    For those who don't log in regularly and didn't see the bulletin, IB started charging GBP1.00 for IPE quotes. I think the DTB fees were decreased. Not that many care about such a small amount, but it's a pain to have to either carry a GBP balance or convert it if you don't really trade the instrument, and were just subscribing because it was free and occasionally of interest.

    To IPE traders:
    Wed Feb 1 04:15:42 2006 EST

    To IPE Subscribers:
    As of today, market data subscriptions for IPE have been adjusted. If you wish to receive market data for products listed on IPE you need to subscribe to the "International Petroleum Exchange (Non Professional)" bundle via Account Management - Trading Access - Market Data Subscriptions.

    To DTB,IBIS traders:
    Wed Feb 1 03:54:26 2006 EST

    To DTB & IBIS Subscribers:

    As of today, market data subscriptions for German indices have been adjusted. If you wish to receive market data for indices or ETFs you need to subscribe to to the "German Indices and ETFs - Level I Non-Professional" bundle via Account Management, Trading Access, Market Data Subscriptions.
  2. Dr._Bob


    Thank you, Alan.

    DTB fees actually increased, at least in my case. Dax Index was included in the Eurex package before, now you have to spend 1 Euro to get it.

    One more example of IB changing material things overnight without prior notice of clients. If you had an unattended system running based on price information from the DAX (e. g., arbitrage), you did not get the needed input on Monday morning anymore.

    I don't care about the minimal rate hike, but as a long-time happy IB customer it drives me nuts that they keep this attitude of changing minor and major rules of the game without giving their customers ample time to adjust. It's the rule not the exception at IB. The ridiculous thing is that they are hitting their most active customers (API) the most.
  3. fader


    i'd side with the tone here - especially given that i got their Communique by email over this past weekend - contains the usual highlights of all the great things they are introducing, yet no mention of this fee change - then immediately after the weekend during the regular trading hours comes out this Bulletin thru TWS, almost making it look like it's a problem they are rushing to fix...
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    The IPE data cost is cheap, other vendors charge $40 a month.
  5. This change also happened on Bloomberg for DAX quotes, so I assume it came from the DTB rather than IB. Perhaps it could have been communicated earlier.
  6. Perhaps they could send a Communique EXPLAINING it rather than just that terse Bulletin...