FYI emergency No pants directive by TSA

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. If you plan on flying you will need to take off your pants and walk through the metal detector.

    Make sure you wear clean underwear.

    Due to terrorist attempt by bomb attached to leg.

  2. this country is so crazy, you sleep and the next day there is this random new law that makes no fucking sense, but you have to accept that it makes sense or else we will assume you are a terrorist.

    so I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened

    most tsa employees are those who couldn't even get a job at mcdonalds because they were too irresponsible and fucked up, but no worry government is always their to hire the stupidest of them all
  3. T otally

    $ hit

    A gency

    .....and a timely new "false flag" Christmas day airline event to push all the right emotional buttons in you! Heck, TSA may double in size by the end of next year now.....WOOOOOHHHHOOOO!!! :eek: