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  1. Might as well!!! The fucken idiot has opened a can of worms on himself.

    I warned you dddooo that your racisem will one day come back and bite you in the ass. Now what can you accuse spect8or of doing that you yourself are not!!!

    I will start with comments made by dddooo and then I will follow them with comments made by white supremacists on that website he cried wolf over.

    This is what dddooo said;

    The jury is still out on whether Islam should be considered such a cult, I suppose thousands of terror attacks carried out every year all over the world by muslim extremists while the so-called "peaceful" or "moderate" muslims tacitly and often explicitly approve, defend and justify these attacks is not enough. I guess AAA is right, it will take a few more 9/11s.

    This is what they said on that Nazi website dddooo was bitching about. I am sorry to say but, on that website, they were milder;

    HoustonRob you said what I've been saying for years islam is no more than a cult and the koran is no more than the terrorist hand book hopefully oneday they will find themselves a leader like Jim Jones.

    This is what dddooo said;

    Nevertheless let me try to explain my point - the person who has never criticized Islam, Sharia law, the treatment of women in the muslim world etc, the person who has spent his life bashing everything western and excusing all aspects of islamic extremism is not in a position to attack Bush's refusal to criticize them.

    This is what they said on that Nazi website dddooo was bitching about. I am sorry to say but, on that website, they were milder;

    Islam is not religion, but a political movement masquerading as religion, which wants to invoke Sharia law. Islam does not separate church and state. - Islam = HIV

    This is what dddooo said;

    Anyway I disagree with sputr, while his idea certainly has merits I think instead of killing all muslims we should ban islam in this country just like a lot of other dangerous religous cults are already banned. It can also be done in canada and europe. Muslims would have to either convert to Christianity, Judaism or any other "legal" religion, leave the country, be deported or go to jail.

    And this is a whole thread in there about banning islam and protecting western values...You also expressed that!!!

    And that is after spending 5 minutes using key words between dddooo's posts and posts made on the nazi website.

    To sum it all up, Had I copied dddooo's posts and pasted them on the Nazi website, I would've been wlecomed there with open arms.
  2. It is suspected that stormfront is an Israeli False-Flag Operation. I t is also suspected that ddooo is an AIPAC shill.
  3. it is very disturbing how many KKK leaders turn out to be jewish. but doodoo will not condemn them.
  4. Hal Turner was a disinfo agent. he got busted.. i love it.
  5. The problem ratboy is that he really thinks of himself as someone who has the right to express view now one else is allowed to express.

    The problem is that he really does not see himself as doing anything wrong. He is not pulling an act ratboy...He really believes so...
  6. Yeah, I think dddooo is a Mossad officer. Or Shin Bet. Apparently they find ET relevant enough to pay his officer's salary so he can argue online all day with one pissed off Palestinian and a bunch of moonbats.

    I tell ya, those Israelis have one heck of a budget, don't they? Courtesy of US aid, of course....almost forgot! Oops!

    And let's not forget Baron, who allows dddooo to operate unchecked....hmmmm, something's rotten in ET land!!
  7. Sounds like a conspiracy!!

    That should be plenty to generate some interest among those respected ET members who have, in the past, suggested that maybe, just maybe, some of the events that we think we understand actually involve some conspiracies that would make your blood run cold if you knew how far they reached!
  8. Yah, I firmly believe that the NY Giants, for example, are all Zionist scum who snatched victory away from the Patriots (now there's an American name for ya!!!!) in order to remind the masses who exactly is in charge.

    Why I'll bet Michael Strahan is munching on matzah ball soup, holishkes, and gefilte fish at this very moment!!