fxtrade.OANDA.com anyone ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by borg, Aug 10, 2009.

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    Hi currency traders,

    I recently had a telephone conversation with Richard Olson, founder of the forex platform OANDA, because I was interested in his trading method based on so called scaling laws (see olsen.ch)

    This call ended in encouraging me (an IB customer) to use his OANDA paltform.

    He claims to have the best bid/ask spreads on all currency pairs (2 pips), and reliable historical tick data (olsendata.com).

    Also, he offers automatic trading by providing an API. Drawback here: you pay $600 just for the API per month unless you trade $12M per month.

    Has anyone experience with OANDA, especially with the API?

    I would be interested to know how execution speed, fees, slippage and API quality and support compare to IB.

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  3. Olsen does run a good quality FX dealer and may be well regarded in academia, but i am not so sure about his trading skills.
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    Yes, I should have searched for OANDA before.

    This chart however looks horrible.

    Pippi, where do you have it from? Could you give me more information about this product which apparently disappeared after its crash in 2008. I wonder how so much academic knowledge can produce something like that.
  5. Its from Olsens website itself ( www.olseninvest.com ), but the reports were taken down shortly after they crashed the account. It was called 'High frequency fund' or something like that. As far as i know they only trade fully automated computer models.

    Apparently they started over already and have some sim results posted on their website.