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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have contacted FxSpyder to inquire about their service. Here is the contacts i have done with them till today.


    McGene forex

    Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 02:18 AM
    Hi, i am thinking to migrate to your service.

    My original plan is to automate a trading system using Oanda API with account and sub account. Each for a single type of orders " buy or sell" to overcome hedging.

    However, I am now thinking about your solution because it is cheaper and i have read some good reviews about you.

    Because i am not programmer, i need some clarification.

    Which way i should go.. automation via FxSpyder-Oanda platform or using your FxSpyder-Oanda API?

    What fees for each route. ? What advantage and disadvantage for each?

    My skype: alkahwaji2006


    Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 04:24 AM
    McGene forex,

    You will want to use our FxSpyder-Oanda Object Model. It has ready made code for you, otherwise you start from nothing. We charge $199 per month or $499 for one year. With the one year option we will even program your script for you at no charge.


    Hatim Aboouf

    Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 05:20 PM

    Thank you for your immediate response. It is really beneficial for me.

    However, if i am going to use the API.. Is this the same API that oanda
    offers? What are the fees. I already have coders to such task but i would
    like to have direct access to Oanda API.

    Thank you


    On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 12:24 AM, Support wrote:

    > McGene forex,
    > You will want to use our FxSpyder-Oanda Object Model. It has ready made
    > code for you, otherwise you start from nothing. We charge $199 per month or
    > $499 for one year. With the one year option we will even program your
    > script for you at no charge.
    > FxSpyder
    > http://www.fxspyder.com
    > Ticket Details
    > ===================
    > Ticket ID: TZA-521093
    > Department: Robot Programming
    > Priority: High
    > Status: Open

    Hatim Aboouf

    Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 06:25 PM

    Ok. i have an automated trading system that scalping with high frequency.
    The speed is very important. Instantaneous execution is also very
    essential. My EA could play on the shortest time charts .. < or equal 5
    seconds chart. The ATS will use hedging so it has to play on 2 accounts (
    primary and sub in case of Oanda). The ATS could play up to 500 trades per
    day, possible or may be more if available.

    Of note, my ping to Oanda is less than 40 ms, from home. I could work on
    that to make it much less.

    I am comparing between Dukascopy and Oanda.

    I am now understanding the limitations and advantages of both. However, i
    would like to start cheap as much as i could. Then .. who knows.

    That is it.

    Any suggestions or info would be much appreciated..



    On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 1:22 PM, FxSpyder wrote:

    > **
    > Just to be sure we can direct you properly can you tell us briefly what
    > you are trying to do?


    Posted On: 15 Jun 2012 08:55 PM

    You definitely want us to do this for you. We would create a direct connection with your own mini program. Before we get into too many details we can offer you this:

    1. We will program it for a fee of course, but we are very competitive. Plus, we know the Oanda API very well.

    2. The ongoing fee will continue to be only $199 per month or $499 per year.

    We know how to push the API to the max regarding speed. Your "mini program" will be extremely lite and built on technology that we are already developing for the next generation FxSpyder.

    If you wish to employ us we would first need complete instructions from you and then we could provide you with an accurate quote. We could also point out any known limitations that may prevent your success and stop at that point in order to save you money. We don't want to just take your programming money if we know for a fact that your system will not work. We would rather you be profitable and continue to employ our services.

    By the way, we built our first system with Oanda almost a decade ago with similar specifications, this is nothing new to us. We have others whom we helped as well and I can tell you that some are profitable and some our not. We can direct you on the appropriate path of where we think your EA should be focusing based on our experience. This does not mean that we can guarantee profits, but we can guarantee our work and, our advice based on experience is in many cases, invaluable.


    I am worry about my intellectual property.. What is your opinion?
    Any suggestion for next move?
  2. No one cares about your "intellectual property"...
    There are MUCH simpler ways of taking your money.
  3. Do you mean if they found my system is profitable.. they could copy the signals and trade them for their interest?.. Please explain.

    Any suggestion will be appreciated
  4. I responded this way:

    I believe i will need your access to API trading with Oanda. Regarding the programming service, my coders will need a consultant pro opinion from you once they start the conversion. I have the code in another language so it will need a conversion by the same coders they have done it first time. However, to get the max of Oanda API , they will require professional help to achieve the max speed and security.

    I believe we will start this process in July.



    and i got this response :). Very suspicious

    You don't need to convert anything. You can link programs in different languages. I am not sure if you have hired the right people for this job if they think they have to convert. We will not have time to provide advice to your programmers if they do not know what they are doing and we cannot give you our access. If you want direct access to Oanda you will need to pay the $600 per month directly to Oanda.

  5. You're a loon. They can sign as many NDAs as you like and it's meaningless. Lean to code or risk it.
  6. any reason why you can't just subscribe to the Oanda API service directly instead of risking your IP for the sake of a slight discount?

    seeing that you're already hiring coders and such, i'm not sure why $600 a month for API access is a big deal.
  7. It is still in the testing mode. So, i need to go cheap first.
    Then i will go to Oanda Api or Dukascopy

  8. The Oanda API specifications is freely available on their website. You can get your coders to modify your trading algo to execute trades via their API directly, without having to go through any third parties. The required coding should be trivial if your algo is already up and running; just invoke the corresponding API functions to get price data and submit or modify orders. I can write that code (for a fee) if you want.

    For the initial $600 fee you get two months of API access free. So you can use this time to test and optimize your algo on the practice account before going live.

    Also, the site says that the $600 monthly fee is waived if you trade US12M volume in that month ($50 discount per US1M volume). So if your algo handles that kind of volume you won't have to worry about API fees.

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  10. I have still some questions?

    If i am using my EA script on fxspyder-Oanda platform. How i could be sure there no one is peeking on my EA code, Also, are FxSpyder will be able to look at my trade prints ( Obviously this is possible because it is their platform but the account is only with Oanda).

    If i am using Oanda API through FxSpyder, will my code be protected from FxSpyder?

    The way FxSpyder guy was insisting to code/know the specs of my trading system.. raises my suspicion to max. How i could be sure that they would not have any clue about my EA if i am trading through them using API or their platform?

    My first option still using their service if i am sure that they will not violate my intellectual property.

    Any pro suggestion/opinion?
    #10     Jun 18, 2012