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  1. Does/Has anyone used FX Solutions to trade FX with...Ive demo'd the platform a few times and they really tout their proprietary price feed and hoest quoting policy....any opinions and news would be much appreciated.
  2. 168


    everything is fine except the spread .
  3. saudifx


    If you have small account and you wana trade Minis then you can open with FXSol But if your account is big and you want to trade Full size contract I advice you to Look for ECN Platforms so you will get less spread and more liquidity for you trading and those guys will not trade against you Like FXSol and FXCM and others.
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    Please Explain I would love to hear more.

    What is a "big " account to you?

  5. Even though you are allowed to spam because you advertise ... it still sux. Also, you consider 3 pips on Eur tight!? That's a joke.
  6. To comment on these spreads, let me quote from earlier in the thread... uncanny how 168 could see into the future:

    Wasn't this thread about FXSol? Aah, the joys, freedoms and immunities of ET sponsorship...
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    i have an account with fxsol. it is true that ther're pips can be a little wide but you can trade during the news and they don't widen.

    they have good customer service, good management, and are highly unlikely to do a refco.

    i have traded some big lots and liquidity hasn't been a problem.

    hope a little constructiveness helps....
  8. TGM


    They offer 400:1 leverage. That is hefty --never seen it so high. Interesting, can you switch lot size on the fly from 100k to say 10k?? or do you have to put in paperwork to change your lot size??
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    My advice to you it to leave FXSol and if you have more than 100k you can open with ECN and get the best spread.

    Thank you
  10. It was. Global is an IB for FXSol so Gio thought he'd do some whoring. Pretty unethical him to backstab FXSol but ...
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