FXSOL - now seriously a bucket shop

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by damo484, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. "trading has closed for this pair"

    Maybe they "open" and "close" their forex business like the stock market! What a joke. I have never liked these guys since I had a few conferences with their head guys about 6 years ago. Got a bad "feeling" about their operation.
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  2. siki13


    I want to make comment about fxsol stop running
    I just have usdjpy stop loss at 118.10 and price come down to 118.11 and my stop was intact
    Usually if broker wants your stop to be executed they dont have problem moving price one pip lower
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  4. Moe27


    i knew this guy was full of sh;t
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  5. damo484


    Actually Moe27, I chose not to reply. Judging by the pessimistic way you post you represent that bitter and twisted portion of posters that belong to elite trader. No matter what I posted back you'll be sure to post something cynical, confronting, and contradictory. Personally I have better things to do in my life than to be baited and argue with an angry redneck on a public forum.

    For those that must know, yes I did email FXsol. The response I received was the typical. That they were unaware of the situation and that the problem must have been at my end. Next time I will be a little more prepared and do a screen capture to provide evidence of such. I will not however allow myself to be played off in a tit-for-tat game by publicly posting private conversation. I got over that in primary school. If I do it will be my choice and not yours.

    But Moe27, you go ahead and stick by your broker though thick and thin, because surely they will do the same for you!! Won't they?? And....if you don't know the definition of a bucket shop then you should pick up a book (like Smitten's Jesse Livermore) and have a read, that is if you have the time in between trying to bignote yourself by flaming others on a public forum.
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  6. Actually ... by definition FXSOL is a bucketshop ... correct?

    All that we're disputing here is whether or not they have moved from good bucket shop to awful bucket shop. One reason they might have been good was to get some customers. One reason they might be becoming awful is that now they have achieved goal one they have to make some money.

    Sounds like a plan :cool:
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  7. traderob


    What did they do to you recently that they are now awful?
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  8. yigal


    Do you mean IG Index?
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  9. Moe27


    i wish you luck. hope you find what your looking for.
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  10. traderob


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