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    ...That metatrader 4 ,most corrupt programm ,used by IBFX
    and FXCM &

    Why do you think that for account 500$ ,
    gft /where you have account / is worster ?

    1. Margin untill 1:1600

    2. Spread 1 pip

    3. Web based for worst network conditions and downloading version

    4. U.K. Account protection through goverment

    About GFT: Press Releases

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    GFT Reduces Forex Spreads
    ADA, Mich., May 5, 2008 — GFT, a worldwide leaders in online forex trading, has announced that now offers even more highly competitive prices, with spreads as low as one-pip wide.

    Effective today (May 5), the company has reduced spreads on many of its currency pairs, with the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/JPY and EUR/CHF quoted as low as one-pip wide.
  2. This seems like a commercial for me. Your high level of activity (900 posts in 3 months) ssss seems susspicious, sorry.


    GFT is not a choice for people with small capital, the level of risk with leverage like 1:400 is still to big, I think.

    My info about FXPRO was not only from FXPRO page but also from a business magazine. Maybe it was a payed commercial to, I don't know!

    I only wanted to ask, if someone used FXPRO. I am also interested in FINSPREADS, as they offer different CFD's with capital starting from 2000$ or so (5000PLN).
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    This seems like a commercial for me. Your high level of activity (900 posts in 3 months) ssss seems susspicious, sorry.

    1. You have account by GFT and informed about that
    ET ,author have not ,had not account by GFT

    2. (900 posts in 3 months)

    Dou you calculated correct ? With your university education ?

    Best wish ....

  4. Don't forget to add a 1 year
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    Your high level of activity (900 posts in 3 months)

    1. ... Perform search ssss in 2006,2007 ,2008

    2.... more of them you would find ,that author stated to you

    ...better not to trade ,retail nave not any advantage ...

    You started ,loosed money and possibly your small citizen dream (as you stated 500% per year for you ,your wife and your children ) crashed ...

    It is stress (s. Selie about stress)

    Average forex retail life expectancy 45-60 days
  6. Where did yo get that "45-60 days" figure ?
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  8. 1. SORRY :( This forum is compromised for me already, I don't trust anyone here :/ Ivanovich lied for sure (post "Why deleted this post...") and I don't even trust Cabletrader anymore.

    2. It is not advisable to trade unless You test Your system for 500-1000 trades. When You have spent a lot of time writing indicators, setting parameters, the testing has been done and the profit from average trade minus spreads is bigger than 4 pips, it is a little stupid not to trade. In fact it would indicate, that all the time was lost and finally, when You have checked something, You quit and refuse to get Your reward..

    ssss, ssssorry again :)
  9. Be advised that anyone disagreeing with this poster is automatically part of some conspiracy designed to target him/her and only him/her. We're all out to get forestgril - that's all we plot, day in and out.

    So if you want to get along with forestgril, you'll have to agree.
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