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  1. whats the deal with fxpro.

    is actual .5pip spread for e/u unheard of in any us retail fx broker? please comment
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    Anybody here use fxpro?
    Are they regulated by US.

  3. Malstrom


    BS, you don't have that spread and because of the sllipage and requotes, you will pay a lot in the long term.

    It's a broker located in Ciprus.
    Many requotes, a lot of sllipage, connection drop very often.
    Your money are deposited into Ciprus banks accounts so, your money are NOT safe. The software platform that they are using is mt4, and I hope that you know, that almost all brokers who use mt4 are bucketshops.

    Instead of opening an account with fxpro, you can open an account with HOTSPOTFXr (wich btw, they writed in their site that for retail position, hotspot is the counterparty, but they have some algo that pass the risk in the real market). And they are using this business model because in the real market you can't trade with positions so small.
  4. my work position is sensitive, i cant make short term trades. i am a good trader but its more of a hobby.

    i think i can get away trading retail forex. i enjoy the gambling aspect of high levergae. at a roulette table ive taken 1k to 30k in about 15 hours.

    at .8pips spread quoted.. if realistic at fxpro... is alot better then anything else ive seee. this would be more for fun, a progressive or martingale trading although inevitable to failure, can be profitable for a given session

    edit: i do not use credit at a casino
  5. It's funny to see so many spot FX broker ad's on Bloomberg.com. They will take anyone for their ad spots...
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    i have been using the demo it is not bad. if the execution is good this broker would be perfect.