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  1. I just not found any thread about FXOpen, so I try to create this thread. Maybe if you have experience or question can share here.

    I have been trading with this broker for few years, as I know this company regulated in ASIC, FCA, and Cysec, they also trying to reach European client, provide micro account, STP and ECN, CFD trading, and crypto, but my main account only forex, for now, based my experience they have fast execution speed and use variable spread.
  2. Bucketshop. Cysec says it all.

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  4. Maybe Cysec has negative feedback regulatory, in my experience trading use platform mt4 FXOpen, they do not indicate as bucket shop broker because every execution always confirmed without requote-like the most problem in bucket shop broker.
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    No FXOpen is a market-making broker that is not neutral in net positions and profits directly from trading against its clients so the feedback is correct.
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  6. Did you have trading experience with FXOpen?
    Because so far I am felt my loss because of my bad trades and not because of the broker against the trader, but yes sometimes charged bigger spread because they use variable spread and not fixed like bucket shop broker.
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    As long as you are losing you should be fine, as far as your Forex broker is concerned.

    But if you start winning consistently, some of them will start playing games on you...

    Forex brokers make much more money betting against their customers than with the spread.
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    FXOpen is a True ECN Forex Broker and all the trades are passed on to the Liquidity Providers. FXOpen is working with more than 15 liquidity providers, including the world's leading financial institutions - Bank of America, Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan and others.

    FXOpen has low spreads, true limit orders and market execution, stock trading, crypto currencies trading.

    FXOpen is a True ECN Forex Broker and the result of your trade does not depend on the size of your profit

    Profitable traders are more profitable for a broker, as transactions are transferred to liquidity providers.
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