FXOPEN AD on the ET homepage can FRY your laptop

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  1. Please pay attention to the FXOPEN flash based ad on the home page of elite trader.

    It makes your computer CPU go to 70% of its processing power because it uses some heavy computaton. my mac book pro cpu while browsing net is at 10-17% this ad brings it up to 80% as indicated by Menumeters and other monitoring software

    On this pic you can see CPU load on the green bars (activity monitor) and in the upper right corner (menumeters) Also the CPU core temp and fan speed. Also see the difference when the ad is not running:

    CPU temp goes to 80de celsius and fans jump to 4500 rpm.

    This picture shows browsing regular page and typing the text. CPU load barely at 10%

  2. Dont worry, you can have the CPU run full trottle for weeks and it wont turn into ashes. Just reduces it's very long lifetime by a dt.
  3. BTW, try this with something else than Firefox and you may get different results.
  4. I think laptops shutdown if get too hot..
  5. Yes, they have a trigger where they shut down to protect the parts. Usually it wont happen under normal usage. It's mostly to protect when the fan is broken, the ambiant temperature is too hot or you let it run in a bag. But a little add wont do it.
  6. must be a mac thing cause i only run at 1%, 2% on 1 or 2 cores. the other 2 cores are 0%
  7. Damn pavlov0032, your dock has all the colors of the rainbow.
  8. euclid


    That ad makes mine run at over 90% CPU. It's not a mac.

  9. adobe office, and thats only half of the apps..
  10. I've got the same problem with Adobe CS4 - it cluttered up my Applications folder with more than 13 different icons :(

    BTW have you tried adblock plus for firefox?
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