Fxmarketspace open for trading?

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  2. And you point?

    Limited currency pairs (6 pairs, no crosses)
    Opened to only high freq FIX/API guys (no front-end)
    1M lot sizes, no broken amounts and nothing less than 1M
    Client list is the Who's Who of Shoot'em up FX Trading

    It will be years before they have everything before even the average institutional player will be really interested.
  3. Q: Will FXMarketSpace be available to retail investors?

    A: FXMarketSpace will be an institutional trading platform, not open to "retail" participants. In general, market participants would have to meet the FSA definition of a "Market Counterparty". Individuals would have to be sophisticated investors, typically with a net worth over $20 million.

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  5. If an individual trades decent size then they will be able to access it via their PB, as the PB will essentailly be the client not you.

    I am at a conference in London on Thursday where both FXall and marketspace are apperently showcasing their new products so hopefully should know more then.
  6. Lon_Eagle, let us know what happens during the conference.
  7. I told ya'll that like 6 months ago, man ya'll don't trust a soul.

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  8. Depends on definition of retail. In the UK only 'professional' or 'intermediate' (as defined by the FSA) can open FX accounts anyway. Anyone who meets those criteria would be able to trade on marketspace via a PB or quasi PB.

    As of now the liquidity is nothing like as good as Currenex and other ECNS but it has only been live for 4 days so its needs to be monitored for a while yet before judgement can be made.
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