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  1. lwp


    account info:

    1:400 leverage

    starting balance- 250

    strat- basic price action, with custom indicators signaling trend
    (no fundamental analysis used as of yet, soon to be implemented)

    markets traded- gbpusd & usdchf

    *no counter-trend trades or trading in ranging market*

    price action- basic support/resist trading
    custom indicator- compilation of mainstream indicators (cci, rsi,
    adx, moving averages, pivots, etc)

    many profiles used: overview, etc... mostly 30 min charts with
    5 min chart for entry exit

    trading hours- ~1am-3pm -6gmt (note I go to school from
    5am-12:30pm but I still make trades or watch fx as much as I
    can as my school has wifi and I bring my laptop)

    platform- mt4

    money management: simple use of excel &
    basic moneymagement rules, however more risk than conventional 2,3% risk trade is used

    pyschological mindset- think of trading as a game (easy as I am demo'ing, but trying to reinforce when I make the move to live forex trading), trade in the same location, mindset, etc... or rather be in mood when trades were successful

    trader info:

    new to forex demo trading for 2 weeks (getting familiar with trading platform and forex trading)

    total time studying forex- ~1month+

    demo trading- 2 weeks

    demo trading with newly implemented strat- Since monday 10.10.05

    age- 18


    Become a proficient trader, trading part time (school) so I do not have to get a normal mundane part time job

    Which would work out nicely as I can trade wherever I can get an internet connection, and basically im at school or at home during times I trade. This means I can trade, do my homework/study all from home/school, hell that is what I do now demo trading reading or typing up something on word and change windows between that and mt4
  2. lwp


    As of 10.11.05:

    New strat implemented 10.10.05:

    Balance Start:

    Balance as of 9:40 -6gmt 10.11.05:


    avg pl/day:

    23 trades

    w/l trades:

    w/trade %:

    l/trade %:

    avg pips w/trade:

    avg prof w/trade:

    avg prof l/trade:

    *sidenote* Equity curve had been eratic starting at trade #10 but has stabalized

    Ive been trying to save detailed statement from mt4 but it has not been saving for some reason, anyone know why? Pls pm if you have a solution for this problem.