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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by james_r, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. james_r


    We are a group of traders, who were unlucky to choose FXFD (Forex Financial Dealer, www.fxfd.com) or Forex Technologies Ltd (FXTrader.net) as our broker. Our deposits, profits from trades were stolen by the above companies.
    We intend to expose that fraud on the internet/media and to the authorities in the counties where these companies operate.
    If you have any information about FXFD, Forex Technologies Ltd or World Investment Group Inc. they belong to, please email us: js-reed@hotmail.com
  2. bighog

    bighog Guest

    Why you guys play the FX game is beyond me. There are plenty of futures, stocks games to play without playing a fad gimmick.

    Here is hoping you get the money back. Next time remember the old adage: If you do not know the game- Leave it alone.
  3. Who would invest with a firm that can't even spell "commission" correctly on their website? You deserve to lose your shirt! Do some homework next time!
  4. James_r,

    Can you elaborate? Flesh out the story a little?

    Is FXFD associated with Forex-Swiss (fxch.com)?


  5. Dimond



    If you have claims to FXFD.com FXFD.net please email to info@fxfd.net . FXFD.com and FXFD.net is not one company.
    FXFD.com = FXtrader.net = Forex Technologies
    FXFD.net = Forex Financial Dealer

  6. european


  7. james_r


    Very true. FXFD and FXCH (www.forex-swiss.com) scam goes on.

    I wrote to these companies addresses in USA and letters were returned saying - 'No such company at he address' - must be 'virtual offices'

    They are making money at 'any price', mainly by deception.

  8. eurofan


    FXFD.net 'Deposit Page' shows no links to Bank transfere.

    PayPal blacklisted them as well.
  9. traderob


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    james r, zoltrix, money trader, european and eurofan all have the same IP address, joined around the same time, and complain about the same forex broker.
    Draw your own conclusions.
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